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What Mommies Are Saying About Suzuran Baby

We are so happy and thankful to receive Suzuran Baby product reviews and motherhood stories personally shared by mothers on social media. Here we are compiling their stories and reviews to share with all parents. 

My motherhood life begins. Lesser me time, but I'm happy and feel grateful when I see my baby grows up healthily each day - @karen_is_on_holiday

“As my baby girl has eczema, we try to take care as clean as possible for her to not worsen her skin. Every feeding will use 2 handkerchiefs, one is to wipe the mouth during drink, another one is to wipe the face after drink. So one day easily used up to 16 pieces. Then bath time, leisurely wipe hand and body etc, need more. I would like to recommend Suzuran Baby Gauze Handkerchief. The material used is thin, breathable and soft, and therefore gentle to my baby’s skin. And it is easy to dry. After wash, hang it in airy area, it will dry very fast.”

Baby sleep is not a race, you will get there someday! ღ - @sookfongxoxo

"Just when I thought that sleeping through the night seems like a far-off dream, things start to get a little easier. BabyJ has finally slept through the night for 7 hours plus straight last week. This was like a miracle to me 'cause I just couldn’t understand why, around the second-month mark, he has gotten restless and was trying to fight sleep most of the time. He was waking up every 2 hours and often hourly every night and 30 mins naps during the day for almost 5 months. And nope!, it wasn't growth spurts, wonder weeks nor the 4th month sleep regression (which he had experienced when he was 3.5 months). He was a champ when it comes to development growth and reaching milestones, but just not sleep. CIO method was a complete failure when you have such a strong will baby 😑. Given that he sleeps in short segments, his daddy and I could only hope and provide him a comfortable sleeping environment so that he could at least get some quality sleep. Hence, we've been finding and trying out countless baby products out there to cater to babyJ's needs. The Mimos Pillow (@mimospillowmy) that I've mentioned few post ago and the undershirt from @suzuranbabymalaysia are two of our favourites. The 100% cotton gauze undershirts are no doubt an ideal daily wear especially on hot summer days. It's breatheable natural and non-allergenic fabric makes it a perfect pyjamas for babyJ for many nights.

So happy that our little bub's sleeping longer now.

A lil advice to parents out there; baby sleep is not a race, you will get there someday! ღ"

It's important to let your baby wear good quality material that's highly breathable and absorbent especially in this hot weather - @adielaridzuan

"bila cuaca panas macam nie baby senang naik ruam jadi penting sangat untuk pakaikan dia baju dari material yang bagus n paling penting tak panas n menyerap peluh. masa Jibriel dulu tak pernah try beli baju dari material cotton gauze sebab tak jumpa ahaha tapi rupanya cotton gauze nie lagi bagus dari cotton biasa.
. .
lucky me @suzuranbabymalaysia bagi sis cuba gunakan product diorang yang mmg berasaskan cotton gauze yg sesuai sgt untuk baby yang ada kulit sensitif ataupun eczema. dah la comel sangat sebab macam pakai kimono pastu kain dia lembut sgt lagi2 kalau dah basuh banyak kali 😂 so parents yg ada anak eczema ataupun cepat berpeluh, boleh cuba Undershirt @suzuranbabymalaysia nie, bila anak selesa kita pun tak pening kepala kan 😋"

I really like how the products are so simple & pure - Naonie Chao

“I first came across Suzuran Baby when I was 7 months pregnant, I really like how the products are so simple & pure, so I got myself every Suzuran Baby products. Products like bath towels, handkerchiefs etc, they are so soft & comfy after washed. I love all the products, but personal favourite is the wet cleansing cotton, handkerchiefs & the baby gloves. The fabric is super easy to wash and stay soft each time, it's really good to use them on baby's delicate skin. The baby gloves unlike most baby mittens that are just made for newborns, the elastic band are not too tight, so baby's wrists wouldn't be bounded; their little hands can easily opens in the gloves, so their development wouldn't be restrained. Now as the little one is 3 months+, I've packed up all other mittens and bought extra pairs from Suzuran Baby. I quite like how their bathing towels are in rectangle shape, the baby can be nicely covered with warm towels during bath time, but my mother in law are not quite used to the size, so she rarely use it. But as it's in a nice rectangle shape, we now use it in the stroller or at places where the little one needs to lie down temperately.”

 We use Suzuran Baby products for his daily cleaning routine - @kampungboycitygal

"This little baby enjoys his bath time so much that it is such a joy for us to bathe him (sometimes we fight for our turn)! This is his bath time routine every single day using our favourite @suzuranbabymalaysia products - Wet Cleaning Cotton to clean his gums and teeth, Gauze Handkerchiefs to wipe his face and ears, Antibacterial Cotton to wipe his diaper area clean and Gauze Bath Towel to keep him warm and secure."

That's not all! There are more reviews from mommies, read on:

“Bought this undershirt. 100% clean cotton. Feel soft and comfort. No fluorescent, colouring added, safe for baby!" @lokechewnee

“On Antibacterial Cotton 'No wonder this is everyone’s favourite. The cotton is soft, and tender enough for cleaning after baby poo'. On Wet Cleaning Cotton 'Perfect for cleaning up my baby’s tongue, pacifiers and bottles. Individually packed, I have them everywhere. In my purse, in my baby’s bag…" @annejalil86

“Baju dari @suzuranbabymalaysia sangat selesa!!! I think Rafani’s smile explained it all right. Kalau anak jenis mudah berpeluh, naik ruam, kulit sensitif cotton kimono ni memang terbaik.” @maryamanati_my

“I’ve been looking for a trustable cotton wipes for my son…finally I found YOU! @suzuranbabymalaysia I’m so glad that it’s also an antibacterial cottons that I’m not worry to use them on him. I love it that they are very thick, squishy and very soft. Even Lucas loves it!” @shelaineeee21

“Super satisfied after trying 1 box of Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton. Now repurchase more! 100% safe to use even for cleaning baby’s oral gum! Worry-free! @forever_mei

“I’m using these @suzuranbabymalaysia handkerchiefs, I think at least 10 pc a day!! Since baby Kay LOVES spitting out milk after feed.” @michellekoibito

“I bought the handkerchief and antibacterial cotton from Lazada! I love the handkerchief the most, I make it as a bib too. And for my baby bathing, cleaning tools. With the 100% cotton material, it does not cause any irritation for my baby’s skin! Thanks for bringing such good products to Malaysia!” @viviennevvn

"Best product ever! Helped me heal my baby's rash without any nappy rash creams" @nishaaraju

"Found the Best Undershirt! My baby has eczema issues where his skin needs some air and shouldn't be sweating so much. I always put on short sleeve outfits and yet I didn't think it worked so I stock up on eyelet short sleeves and sleeveless ones for him but I wasn't happy with it because if I were to put cologne or anything it will get through to his skin. I was worried and confused then I attended @tcebabyexpo and found a solution at @suzuranbabymalaysia !! Their cotton gauze undershirt is so good!!! Omggg it's so comfy and gentle to my baby's skin. In a packet, there are 2 pieces and packaging can't be opened and no testing so you can just use it right away. I'm so happy and my baby is happy as well with this material. Do grab the long or short undershirt for your baby - unisex outfit. It looks like kimono as well 😍."  @xfoodie_mummyx

Goodness is meant to be shared. We would love to hear your parenthood stories - the ups and downs, the joy, the struggles and how you overcame them, and how Suzuran Baby has helped in any way in your parenthood journey. Submit your pictures, stories and reviews on our Instagram @suzuranbabymalaysia or Facebook @suzuranbabymalaysia or email us at enquiry@suzuranbaby.com.my

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